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German Silver - Pakhija MATTE WINE GLASS SET of 2

German Silver - Pakhija MATTE WINE GLASS SET of 2

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"Looking for a unique and exquisite gift option? Consider the German Silver Wine Glasses Set of 2. These glasses are a true work of art, featuring intricate silver carvings that add a touch of luxury to every occasion. Whether it's a special dinner, a romantic evening, or a celebration with friends, these glasses will make your day even more beautiful. The set of 2 makes it perfect for sharing a glass of wine with a loved one. These glasses are not only functional but also a stunning piece of decor for your dining table. Don't miss out on this elegant addition to your gifting ideas!"

Material  German Silver/ Brass
Size 8.5"X3"
Packing Box Size 11"X8"X4"
Actual Weight 500 g
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